The Whole Kit & Cub-Boodle

Pregnant belly

The Whole Kit & Cub-boodle is the ultimate in birth and parenting preparation, consisting of everything that we cover in our Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Education Course plus Hypnobirthing and the Tigress Empowered Birth Course

This is our most comprehensive Course focused on giving you all the tools you need to have the positive birth that you want.


The course consists of:

  • The full 5 week Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Education Course (Wednesday Evening)

  • 2 sessions of Pure Hypnobirthing (Sunday)

  • 6 sessions of the Tigress Empowered Birth & Beyond Course (Monday Evening)

We will cover:

  • Physiology of Labour & Birth,

  • Variations form ‘the norm’- caesarean and instrumental birth. Including how hypnobirthing can help you with deviations from your birth plan

  • Pain relief options including hypnobirthing techniques

  • Breathing techniques & visualisation

  • Active Birth, movement and positions for labour

  • Preparation for the postnatal period

  • Postnatal wellbeing for both parents

  • New-born care for the 4th Trimester.

  • Infant feeding - breast & bottle

  • Yoga Inspired Movement for pregnancy, labour & birth
  • Hypnobirthing relaxations