Empowered birth & Beyond

Tigress Empowered Birth Course is a wonderful mix of yoga inspired movement, breathing, hypnobirthing inspired relaxation and education designed to support Mums on their journey through pregnancy and towards a calm and positive labour and birth and beyond.


This 6 week course is for Mums only and we provide a supportive and empowering environment for women to focus on their unborn baby and prepare for their labour & birth no matter what path that will take. We also look at the postnatal period and recovery from pregnancy, labour & birth emotionally and physically. This course is suitable for first, second & third time (plus) mothers.  It works on building muscle memory, an understanding of birth, and helping to inspire total relaxation. 


We move to

  • Help alleviate pregnancy symptoms

  • Allow the baby to find the optimum position for birth

  • Explore positive positions to use in labour

  • Relax


We Breathe to

  • Link our movements with our breathing to enhance muscle memory

  • Add to our tool kit of techniques to use through all the stages of labour

  • Provide oxygen to our uterus to allow it to work efficiently


We relax to

  • Have time to bond with our unborn baby

  • Calm the mind and body


We Educate to

  • Empower you to make informed choices about your birth

  • Prepare for the postnatal period

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