Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Course

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Prenatal classes

At Tiger Stripes we are committed to empowering parents to be to have a positive birth experience, no matter who you are or what positive birth means to you. The Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Education course is designed to prepare you and your birth partner from pregnancy, through birth and onto early parenthood. The antenatal content is midwife devised and evidence based so you can be confident you are getting accurate, unbiased information.

The course takes a wholistic view of all kinds of labour anf birth and is delivered in an informal and down to earth manner to create a relaxed and safe space for you to ask any questions you have without any fear of judgement.  We are committed to inclusivity and know that not all families look the same.  Everyone who is looking for a positive birth experience is welcome!

You will be with a group of local parents to be who are all due around the same time and we will also organise a reunion session for you after all the babies have arrived!

Outline of the course is as follows. On each week we discuss the role of the Birthing Person and the Birth Partner, although single parents are equally as welcome to attend. We also aim to provide signposting to local services and resources to help you on your transition to parenthood.

Week one - Labour & Birth:
Understanding the physiology of Labour & Birth. Signs & Stages of Labour.  Hormones of Labour & Birth

Week Two - Variations from 'The Norm'

Induction, Cesearean, Instrumental Birth. Pain Relief/ Comfort Options - including non medicinal options. We look at your choices and rights and how to write a birth plan.

Week Three - Active Birth:

Movement & Positions for Labour. Breathing Techniques. Massage, Positive C Section.

Week Four - The Postnatal Period.

Physical Recovery for Birthing Person and how to support them.  Mental Health for Both Parents. Writing a Postnatal Recovery plan to enhance the postnatal experience.

Week Five - Practical Parenting:
Practical Parenting skills and how to manage the 4th trimester. Newborn feeding -Breast & Bottle


We are so grateful that we found Karen! We took part in her antenatal course and honestly it was fantastic! Karen has truly considered what couples really need to know about to properly prepare them for what’s to come. Knowledge is power and she made sure that we were fully informed on all aspects of labour and postpartum health of both the mother and father. She is so knowledgeable and consistently supported her course content with up to date, evidence based research. It also helps that she’s a wonderful person who was easy to chat to and share fears with.

Thank you so much Karen! - Ellie

'Tiger Stripes offers great courses that really helped me during my pregnancy as a first time mom. I took the Tigress Empowered Birth Course that includes prenatal movement, breathing exercises and hypnobirthing techniques and after every session I was always feeling more relaxed and confident about my birth and delivery journey. I also took the antenatal course with my husband and we were both very pleased with the information given and we now feel a lot more prepared to welcome our first baby. Karen really knows how to create a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you so much Karen!!'  - Isaura

'This antenatal course was very helpful and it helps you tremendously to build your understanding in what's coming! Karen, the facilitator, is really nice, knowledgeable and patient when she was providing us with the necessary information. I would definitely recommend the course to any couple that are expecting. Many thanks Karen!'   - Anastasios