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Classic Antenatal Course

The Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Education course is a 5 week course designed to prepare you and your birth partner from pregnancy, through birth and into early parenthood.

The antenatal content is midwife devised and regularly updated so you can be sure you are getting information you can trust. The course is delivered in an informal and down to earth manner to create a relaxed and safe space without any  judgement.

You will be with a group of local parents who are all due around the same time and we will also organise a reunion session for you after all the babies have arrived!


Pure Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is proven to be an effective method of pain management in childbirth without altering the natural course of labour or having any negative side effects.


 Hypnobirthing is relevant to all women who want a calm and confident birth experience, no matter what path they choose or what happens on the day.

 In labour we want our mind, body, and baby all to be working together. Hypnobirthing can help you tune in to your body, keep calm, focused, and have a positive birth experience

Tigress Empowered birth course

Tigress Empowered Birth Course is a wonderful mix of yoga inspired movement, breathing, hypnobirthing inspired relaxation and education designed to support Mums on their journey through pregnancy and towards a calm and positive labour and birth and beyond.


This 6 week course is for Mums only and we provide a supportive and empowering environment for women to focus on their unborn baby and prepare for their labour & birth no matter what path that takes. This course is suitable for first, second & third time (plus) mothers.

The Whole Kit & cub-boodle

The Whole Kit & Cub-boodle is the ultimate birth and parenting preparation course. This 7 week course includes everything that we cover in our Tiger Stripes Classic Antenatal Education Course Plus Hypnobirthing and Wellbeing to boot!

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