Cub Hub New mama & Newborn

Mum and Baby Classes

Nothing can quite prepare you for parenthood so this nurturing and informative course is designed to support you in those first few weeks and months as you adjust to life as a parent.  We will share evidence based techniques, discuss hints and tips and create a safe space for asking questions, sharing experiences and supporting each other.  We will signpost local resources and we often have expert guests who can provide demos, answer questions and share their expertise.


The needs of a new mother can often be overlooked by the needs of a new baby, but in this course we put an equal focus on both.

The Newborn Course is 50 min sessions and usually runs over 5 weeks. Suitable from birth to 3 months at the beginning of the course.

We will cover:

Week One -  The Fourth Trimester:

Developing a parenting toolkit to help you navigate the early days

Colic & reflux- understanding what these are and how you can help your baby. Early stages baby massage and reflexology

Week Two - Postnatal Recovery

Why postnatal recovery is important. What's normal and when to seek help

Week Three - Baby Safety & Practical Parenting

We raise awareness of common problems babies may experience in the first year.

Week Four Mental Health & Well Being in the Postnatal Period

Recognising the signs of Postnatal Depression or Anxiety. Strategies for self care

Week Five - Sleep & Routine for Mum & Baby

What is normal for babies at different stages. Establishing routines.

Week Six After the Fourth Trimester

We look at the milestones of the first year, baby nutrition and weaning.