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Cub Hub Baby Classes


Cub Hub Baby Classes are fun and developmental classes which grow with your baby at their pace.  We give guidelines on age, but we know every baby is different and you can decide when they are ready to progress to the next class.

All our massage, yoga and sensory play is age appropriate and won't leave your baby over stimulated. We include repetitive elements which helps your baby learn, to feel secure and means you can use these elements at home.

Our classes are baby led. This means that we never try to make them do anything they don't want to do or aren't ready for. If they want to feed, cry, poop they are free to do so!

Need to miss a class - don't worry! I offer one opportunity per term to get a credit for next term if you need to miss a class*


Baby Development

Cub hub New mamas & Newborns

Nothing can quite prepare you for parenthood so this course is designed to support you in those first few weeks and months as you adjust to life as a parent.


We create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere to discuss topics which are at the forefront of new parenthood without any fear of judgment


The needs of a new mother can often be overlooked as the needs of a new baby take over, but in this course we put an equal focus on both.

Suitable from birth

Mum and Baby
baby massage.png

Cubs Baby Massage

Learn a full body massage routine to use with your baby. As well as being a lovely, calm time for bonding with your baby, massage can also provide you with useful tools for soothing your baby, helping them sleep and relieve common tummy issues.

Baby Massage can help aid digestion,  help with colic, enhance your baby's body awareness, boost parents confidence in responding to their babies and much more.

Suitable from 6 weeks

Cubs Adventurers

The Cubs Adventurers Class is a fun mix of rhythm and songs, Yoga based movement and Sensory play. We go on a different adventure each week!

This class is suited by babies from 4/5 months to beggining to crawl with content to support their devlopement including building co-ordination, balance and spatial awareness as well as inspiring their sense of wonder!


Each week we have a different theme to focus our rhymes and stretches and play.

Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga

Tiger Tots Adventurers



Our Baby Classes are currently being held in Tunbridge Wells and Paddock Wood.

Wednesday Morning:

The Wesley Centre

Commerical Road

Paddock Wood

Thursday Morning:

The Hub, Grosevnor & Hilbert Park

Auckland Road

Tunbridge Wells

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